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Dear Mr Peters:

I just stumbled on this site quite by accident. I am trying to contact a sailor who I met in Barcelona and subsequently in Cannes around August 1963.

The sailors first name was Byron and he was from Athens GA, serving on the USS Dyess which was with the USS Enterprise at that time. I do not recall his surname.  I had just finished serving 6 1/2 years in the Royal Air Force in Germany, and was selling encyclopedia's to Canadian and American service men in Europe

I rescued Byron from the Shore Patrol and got him back to the port in Barcelona. Just doing a favor to someone in a jam-we had both been drinking a little.

A month or so later, I was in Cannes trying to get work without success with my luggage in the rail station, I was flat broke and sleeping on the beach. I met him again by coincidence. He gave me $20, enough to get my bags back and get on the road- and back to the UK. $20 went a long way back then

I am now retired and have been in the USA since 1969. I would like to contact him if possible and return the favor.

Please let me know if you are able to recognize the name and have any contact information.

Best regards

Patrick J. O'Shea FTS CTC (Formerly Jnr Tech. RAF, 1956-1962)
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We are searching for shipmates from all era's, 45 - 80. If you served on the USS Dyess and are not on the roster please send me, Ken Moore, kamsr@bellsouth.net your info and we will gladly add you to our growing list. Shipmates from the 60's and 70's are needed now. You are the life blood of our group. 


A new guest book has been added to the site. You may sign in your comments or just view the shipmates and guests messages. There is a link below the guest book sign in for you to view the old guest book messages if you so desire. 


  The  reunion chairman is Dave Sage and co-chairman will be Hank Furniss. The reunion will be held at Norfolk,VA. at the Lake Wright Quality Inn & Sleep Inn from May 13-16, 2009. I have been checking air fares into Norfolk from Florida and on southwest they are very reasonable at this time.

 He has a nice selection of tours for us to participate in. Many of us were home ported in Norfolk, if you have not been back there you will enjoy seeing what the old port looks like now. Check out the reunion page for more info. Many of us where home ported in Norfolk and if you haven't been there in years you will be surprised what the old town now looks like. Check out the reunion page to make your hotel reservations.

The reunion letters where mailed and you should have it some time in the near future.


The associations donation have been distributed to the following, Tin Can Sailors $200.00, Navy/Marine Relief Fund $200.00 and to the Augusta Museum for the Dyess exhibit room $100.00.

If your name does not appear on the active men's web site please let me hear from you and we will gladly add your name. We have been receiving dues from new and younger shipmates, this is a good sign as we do need the younger shipmates for future growth.

Dues are arriving for the 2009 year. Thank you to those paying now. Your support helps us to grow and keep the USS Dyess name moving on.

A new version of the Dyess web site is now in the making by Ernie Pomeroy who originated the one we have now. If you have any suggestions to improve the site please contact Joe Peters.


Joe Peters new email address, joep2@bellsouth.net 

A new USS Dyess banner donated to the association compliments of Joe Peters. This was taken at the TCS bull session in Lakeland ,FL on the 10th January.

TCS Lakeland ,FL January 10th bull session.
l-r, George Scatko 49-53, Joe Peters 52-54, Ken Moore 51-52 and Mac McDonald 58-61.


Anyone wishing to pay their dues may do so for 2009 by sending $20.00 to Ken Moore, 210 Shore Drive, St. Augustine, FL 32086-5734. Any questions you may contact me at 904-794-5781 or kamsr@bellsouth.net  
The Association has over 220 members at this time.


If it weren't for the United States military,
there'd be NO United States of America.
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Let us add your name to this group.



Next reunion will be held at Norfolk, VA
May 13-16, 2009 - Check out reunion page for names and numbers.





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