Ship Store 

Shirts - Golf in Navy, White with ship logo and name, DDR or DD.
other colors on request. Sizes S-XL $24.00 - 2Xadd $2.00 - 3X add $4.50
Sweatshirts also available, various colors and sizes. $25.00

Jackets - Coaches jacket/snaps/nylon in Navy, White, other colors on request.
sizes S-XXL - $24.00
Zipper jacket/ Navy, Black or khaki. Micro fiber which is rain resistant, can be considered a three season jacket S-XLL - $45.00
Wind shirts/short sleeve. In various colors. Great for boating, golfing or just sitting around the yard. Long sleeves also available. Sizes S-XXL.

Hats - Black, Navy  or White. One size fits all. $15.00

Tee shirts - Ash with Col.Dyess's photo on front. Many sizes available.
Grandkids Tee shirts with my grand pa sailed on the Dyess.

Jackets have front logo and a full back logo if desired. Prices upon request. Shipping is not included in prices.