Officers Country

Here, we will dedicate to the Officers of this great ship, a place of their own to share photos, stories, and biographies.

Some of the writings are exerpts from the book "Good Times, Bad Times"

Introduction to Officer's Country..."Introduction to Officer's Country"

ENS Gafoof!

Captain Edward Gibson

Cdr. Stan Henderson, 1954

Good: The fine shipmates she had and the seaworthiness of a fine ship.

Bad: Those 45 degree rolls she would take in those nightmarish storms in the Atlantic...Batten down those Hatches!

Cdr. John Dacey

Lt. Blackhurst  Ens. Brown 1953.jpg (15277 bytes)

Lt. Blackhurst & ENS Brown, 1953

Good:  Shore leave in the Mediterranean with side trips to Rome. Cheese omelets in the Ward Room. Capt. Ed Gibson and his leadership and Friendship.

Bad: The Suicide of a young Ensign (Bill Tighe) who killed himself while we were at Guantamano Bay Cuba.....

Lt. Edward R. Peters 1954.jpg (24123 bytes)

Lt. Edward R. Peters, 1954

Lt. G. Wilson 54 56.jpg (16190 bytes)

Lt. G. Wilson, 53-56

Bad:  Paying reparations at the bar in Palma after sampling Barcelona Martinis and my subsequent visit with Admiral Brown sixth Fleet Cmdr. Regarding "Officers Conduct ashore.  Hauling fellow Officers back to the ship after a night at the Guatanamo Officers Club, Cuba......The Safaris into Algerias and the Casbah of Tangier to rescue the Supply Officer....Crossing the Atlantic in a Hurricane when all the ships in the convoy were advised to operate independently and   "Save The Ship"........

Capt. Oscar Hibbler.jpg (46429 bytes)

Captain Oscar Hibler, XO 56-58

Lt. Geier and Orphans in Italy

Change of Command in Brooklyn.

Thanks to Lt. Joe Friend. Joe Friend (Pictured Below) is assisting in the development of this particular page.

Joe Friend # 2.gif (88796 bytes)

Lt. Joe Friend, Fire Control and Gunnery Officer, 53-56

If you have any information regarding Officers of the DYESS, Feel free to Email them to Joe Peters so we may include them here.