U.S.S. DYESS Information and Specifications


U S S   D Y E S S

Class: Gearing
Standard Displacement: 2250 Tons
Overall Length: 390'
Extreme Beam: 41'
Speed: 32 + knots
Crew: 331 - Officers and Enlisted
Armament: Six 5" 38 Caliber Dual Purpose Guns; Two Twin and Three Quad 40 mm Anti-Aircraft Mounts; Two Depth Charge Racks on Stern; Four Depth Charge K Guns; A.S.W. Hedge Hog Rockets

The U.S.S. DYESS, was originally commissioned on 21 May, 1945, a 2400 ton Gearing Class Destroyer. In July of that same year, she was fitted with specialty equipment and redesignated a Radar Picket Destroyer, or better, a DDR.

In a booklet titled "Dyess Days" during her Mediteranean Cruise in 1953, the editor, Lt. J.G. Richard A. Leahy dedicated the book to the men of the DYESS. I would like to reactivate this dedication, and change the last line to reflect this Internet Web Site. I'm sure Lt. Leahy would give the thumbs up for approval. Thank you Lt., wherever you are. Also included here are a couple other excerpts from that booklet.


To different people a warship means different things. To the people who build her she is a series of work orders, contracts and deadlines. To the people of our nation who see her in newsreels and magazines, she's a symbol of our national strength; To mothers and wives and sweethearts she is the dreaded craft that takes her loved ones away. But to the men who live on her; who sail on her; who eat and work and play and fight and sometimes die on her, she is much more. To them, whether they love or hate her, she is a way of life, a home, a cargo of memories. It is to these men that this web site is respectfully dedicated.

Lt. J.G. Richard A. Leahy, USN