What's New on the Dyess Site...

What's listed here are changes and additions to the DYESS Web Site as they occur. They are listed in order of the most recent changes on top. We hope this will let you know what we've changed, added, made better, etc....

Date Change
21 June, 2008 Added new names, added shipmates to the Final Voyage page.
04 December, 2007 Roster up to date. Added new members.
13 August, 2007 Roster up to date. Final Voyage additions added. New reunion updates.
1 May, 2007 Added names to roster. Updated the Final Voyage page. Added new photos to photo page. Updated reunion information.
25 May, 2006 Updated the reunion page. Added names to roster.
26 February, 2006 Added new names to roster. Updated information on reunion page. Added new shipmates to Final Voyage page.
16 January, 2006 Names added to roster. Reunion Mystic,CT updated on reunion page.
26 August, 2005 added new reunion(s) to reunion page. Added active members to roster.
12 June, 2005 Added and deleted names on the roster. Made corrections to Active members roster. 
04 April, 2005 Roster changes made. Additions added to reunion page.
02 February, 2005 Added new shipmates to roster. List 05 members on Bulletin Board page.
31 Oct, 2004 Updated the roster,added new shipmates. Added new names to the Final Voyage Page. Listed November Birthdays.
09 Sep, 2004 Roster updated. Two new shipmates who have passed away added to Final Voyage Page. 
22 August, 2004 Roster updated with 550 shipmates names. Membership at 164. 
12 August, 2004 Membership is now at 160. Added 10 new names to the roster.
27 July, 2004 Membership at 155. Roster changes made. Added to reunion page. Additions to bulletin board page.
08 July, 2004 Roster updated, 538 shipmates. There are 153 members of the Assn. Reunion plans are complete, check reunion page. Ship Store now opened for Dyess shipmates.
08 May, 2004 Roster up dated, 536 shipmates. We now have 133 members of the Assn. New reunion information added to reunion page.
16 Apr, 2004 Roster updated with 535 shipmates, additions and corrections made. Names on Bulletin Board page up to date with 122 members.
28 Feb, 2004 All lists updated. Asheville, NC reunion added to reunion page. Names of shipmates who joined the Assn since January 1,2004.
29 Oct, 2003 Crews list is up to date. Dyess Assn. now forming. Updated deceased list.
11 June, 2003 Added new names to current crew, updated deceased list, added reunion info.
09 Feb, 2003 Updated some reunion information, more details as they become available.
20 Apr, 2002 Many new crewmembers and an updated Main Page.
24-Mar, 2002 Great new picture, crew corrections and additions, and FINALLY! the 2002 reunion information is up and ready!!!! See you in Tenessee!!
17-Dec, 2001 About two dozen crew members added - be sure to refresh the page to check for your name if you submitted it! Also, added a reunion letter from the 2001 reunion.
16-Aug, 2001 Many, many more crew added, and a picture of the guys at the reunion in Buffalo. Some updates slow in coming - my apologies, men.  - Ernie
06-FEB, 2001 Many, many crew members added, reunion information for 2001, and more and more crew - Welcome aboard to all!!!
23-JUL, 2000 New domain name, new form to submit your additions to the crew member's page.
22-JUN, 2000 Reunion information from Joe Peters has been added complete with a list of attendees. I hope to get pictures soon!
15-JUN, 2000 Finally! More additions to crew's pages, and some updated information on the recent reunion in Jacksonville Florida. Sorry for the delay, I just switched to high speed DSL Internet service and had to work out some bugs. We're back in business!
2-FEB, 2000 The LATEST in Reunion information! Come check it out! you MUST attend!!
23-DEC, 1999 Last Update before the Millenium! New members added to the Crew's Pages - Welcome aboard!
13-NOV, 1999 Attention all Shipmates! The reunion information for the Millenium Reunion is starting to filter in! Be sure to check that page out and make your plans and reservations!
19-AUG, 1999 Cold War Recognition Site Link is NOW posted on the Links Page. It is a MUST SEE for those of you who qualify.... Be SURE to visit the Links Page - it's right up on top! Also, check out some NEW reunion Information! Some new pictures and picture changes, check out the photo gallery. Also, I've added about 8 new names to the active crew's list!! Check it out and see if your name is there!
30-JUL, 1999 Great new picture added to photo gallery. Third row down in center!!!
10-MAY, 1999 Added more members, I hope you're enjoying the Site!
01-MAR Added a new link for the "Veteran's Ring of Honor" - Good looking rings you can purchase and customize for yourself.
28-FEB, 1999 Hello again gentlemen!! It's been a while, but I just updated the active crew's listing with several names, and if your does not appear, please Email Joe Peters with your information off of that page and we'll get you up there as soon as possible!
26-DEC Happy Holidays to all! - Major changes! - Email addresses and such... Also added a great shot of a Change of Command to the Officer's Country Page - AND a brand new section accessible off of the Namesake Page with pictures and news reports pertaining to the 1998 Augusta Georgia Dedication(s) ceremonies -- Check it out!
03-DEC Minor changes to Email addresses and crew members.
23-NOV Gentlemen! Hang on to your hats... we have just achieved our FIFTEENTH award! If we get many more, I'm going to have to redesign our Awards page! All of you have helped so much to make this Site what it is, and let's keep up the effort!
09-NOV Added corrections and additions to Active Crew Listing - thanks for coming aboard, men! Also, I added a page off of the very first page, an article from a Georgia newspaper about the October 30, 1998 Jimmie Dyess dedications.
05-OCT REUNION INFORMATION is starting to become available. Check out the Reunions Page!
15-SEP Changed "incorrect" Medal of honor picture. I had the Army Medal of Honor on the Namesake Page instead of the Navy Medal of Honor. My apologies to Lt. Col. Dyess. I also added some more crew.
09-SEP Added a crewmember and changed an EMail address. Hope to get more photos on Officer's Country Page as well.
01-SEP Added more to the Officer's Country Page as well as an Introduction to the Officer's Page" by Lt. Joe Friend. Also, Congratulations, DYESS Personnel! TWO more awards! That makes Thirteen!!
28-AUG Added the beginnings of the Officer's Country Page!
24-AUG Make it ELEVEN awards!!! We are just getting more recognition than I can stand!
23-AUG We got our TENTH award, Mates! Visit the Awards page to see the newest. Don't ya just love a good Web Site?
12-AUG Attention Sailors of the USS DYESS! The Photos Page is DONE! Lots of great photos, including the LAUNCH of the USS DYESS in 1945! Thanks to Uncle Joe for providing these pictures for me.
02-AUG The site's going through a FRAM session right now. She's getting cleaned up, polished, a full power run, and I hope you like her when she's done! Added "Officer's Country, and started a revamp on the Photo's Page (finally) Also, started work on reorganizing the reunions to keep them going in the future. ENJOY!
22-JUL Added a great Story from Joe Friend, more members, and I promise,   soon there will be a Photos Page. (I'm working on it.)
15-JUL Added More Crew Members, added Email addresses, and coming soon.... A Dyess Photos Page!
06-JUL Added Crew Members mostly, great to have all of you guys aboard! Also got a very rewarding compliment from a member, thank you so much.
13-JUN Thanks to a very keen eyed Oscar Hibler, I finally discovered what was wrong with the E-Mail button on the Active Member Crew Listing Page. That's been fixed. Thanks Mr. Hibler!
03-JUN Added "The Last Command" a poem by Carl Dearborn to the Writings Page (a MUST READ). Also, I scanned in and added 1998 reunion pictures to the Reunion and Reunion Highlights pages.
25-MAY Added some crew names and information, added the additional code to join the "NavRing".
09-MAY We now know what "happened" to Wapo.
07-MAY Thanks for the input, Men!!! I added a "Stories" page for all the great stories I heard during the reunion. Please Email me the good ones, and we'll post them up here will full credit due. Also, added crewmwmbers as the number increases. Be sure to "refresh" or "reload" pages to see the changes.
28-APR Added to the bottom of the "Message from the Author" page to give thanks to all of you that were in Houston. To get to that page, you must go to the "Credits" page first. I added the "I am the DYESS" poem as a link on the Writings Page. It's not a secret anymore. I also Added a letter to the Writings Page that Roland asked me to add during the reunion. I added to the Active Crew Page, and an Email address for John Piascik, as well as a new feature: Now, you can just Click on the crewmember's Email address to send them mail.
17-APR Launched *NEW* leaner and meaner version of the site. Cleaner graphics, better navigation (I hope), and also better categorization of the site's sights. Please PLEASE send your comments to the webmaster.
25-MAR Added a non-frames page to alert visitors to upgrade their browsers, Revamped the Links Page to include ships, and other interesting sites.
24-MAR We have another award, Men!!! Check out the awards page to see the "Spirits of Ships" Awarded to our fine WebSite here. That makes a total of EIGHT!! Also, corrections have been made to the History page with a new link to the USS Midway (CVA-41)!!
14-MAR Added GREAT stories about Col. Dyess. 1.) The full story of the reason he won the Carnegie Medal. 2.) Quotes from a news account of the day Big Red died. Both are courtesy reprints from articles written by Ret. Maj. Gen. Perry M. Smith.
28-FEB A great honor was bestowed upon the Dyess's Site today. A letter from Lt. Col. Jimmie Dyess's daughter herself has been posted on the very first page when you enter the site. It is truly a "must read"!
22-FEB Added Guestbook to the site, links to it are on the main page. Also added a poem with it's own page, (get there from the Crew's Page) "The Final Liberty" - a tribute to departed sailors.
17-FEB Added great photo of the DYESS to head up the History page. Much Thanks to Uncle Joe for finding this one - a must see.
03-FEB Went Through the Site, dotting i's and crossing t's for the upcoming reunion. Added members, deleted one member that wasn't a member. Changed a few things, not much, just some geek stuff.
30-JAN Corrected Spelling on the Request Entry into the Crewmember's Page. Sorry, a small oversight.
14-JAN The latest reunion information is in! It's been added to the Reunion Page. I also changed the Internet Explorer Graphic on the main page due to changes at Microsoft's site(s). Changes were also made to to the title page's Marquee to advertise the reunion information.
07-JAN Added and edited the crew's Active Roster's names as we found more correct information, mostly thanks to the crewmembers doing research on their own - THANKS!
06-JAN Added several new names to the crew's Active Roster, took holiday greeting off of main page, added "Last Updated" message for the what's new button.