Writings about the Dyess

  "That DDR" by Louis E. Herouart, MMFN "E" Division


Many ships there are both near and far

But none stands out like that "DDR"

So trim and clean like an elegant lady

Her name the "DYESS", her number "880"

The crew stands by both day and night

To keep her trim and ready to fight

The engines humming a tune which is steady

As all of the spaces show they are ready

The bridge signals a full speed ahead

The turbines spin faster with the steam they are fed

Radarmen, Sonarmen search for a pip

While others are swabbing and painting the ship

The cooks and mess cooks get up the chow

While rough seas or smooth are cut by her bow

The captain on the bridge gives his commands

As order by order is done by all hands

Team work is the answer - if there's a job to do

As shown on the "DYESS" with her top notch crew

She pitches and rolls in the deep blue sea

Protecting America to keep her free

- Louis E. Herouart, MMFN "E" Division

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