Writings about the Dyess

  "The Final Liberty" by Helen L. Venneri


"Don't cry for me" the sailor said, "I may be gone but I'm not dead.

I'm in the fluffy clouds above, I'm on the ocean that I love.

I've sailed the seas for many years, gone through many wars with fears

that maybe we'd be blown away, and may not live another day.


I've travelled 'round the world by sea, with buddies by my side in glee.

We took in all that we could see, on many a rough-house liberty.

Where fights broke out but none were hurt, a broken nose, a bloody shirt.

But back on board and safe on ship, we sat and bragged through a bloody lip.


And once again we'd hoist our sail, to another port, yet we'd never fail,

to do the same thing once again; just sailor boys who would be men.

So try to understand I'm free, from sickness, age and what would be.

My spirits young and I am free!     I've gone on my big liberty.


With all the ones gone on ahead, I'm free at last. So I'm not dead."


-Helen L. Venneri

Mrs. Venneri wrote this poem. Her husband is - "A Destroyer Man"

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