Writings about the Dyess

  "I am the Dyess" by Ernie Pomeroy and Susan Fiorentino


I am your Lady, you once called me home
The foundation that took you away...
I am the body, turned the boy to a man
From me, you shall never stray.

I was the one you cursed in your sleep
I was the one you caressed
I was the one that you reveled upon
It was I that you wore on your chest.

You have all loved me at one time or another
Although way back then you may not have known
But now you come here from lands all around
To reminisce me and call me your own

It is I who is honored by you one and all
I who will never forget........
Those strong fearless faces, stood bravest and tall
I love you and have no regret......

I’ve gone out to sea now, for here’s my final rest
You are my Sailors. And I love you best
Yes I am your Lady. The reason you’re here.
The DYESS 880. For me shed only one tear

I am the Dyess and I thank you all
for what you have done for me.
Although I am gone now, know after all,
it is your hearts that beat in my sea.

Thank you

Ernie T. Pomeroy, Susan Fiorentino

February 21, 1998

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