Writings about the Dyess

  "The Last Command" by Carl Dearborn


When you speak of heros and legends,
There's many, through out our land
Colonel Dyess stands tall, among heros
He was killed, at his last command

At the Marshaall Islands, his troops stormed the beachhead,
The fighting became hand to hand
He led an attack, on a bunker
That victory, was his last command

The marines have many traditions,
The officers are an elite Corp band
Colonel Dyess, was true to that creedo,
To the end, at his last command

His widow was summoned to Washington,
The Medal of Honor, was placed in her hand,
Her husband, and father of her children;
Had died, at his last command

We who survived those battles
Know it cost us many a good man
A toast to Colonel Dyess
A legend, at his last command

Stand firm in your love of our country
Be ready to lend her a hand,
Be proud of our heritage and heros
Who died at their last command.

*In memory of Lt. Col Aquilla James Dyess, Medal of Honor, Commanding officer 1st Btl, 24th Rgt. 4th Marine Div. -- KIA Marshall Islands Feb 1944

Copyright Carl Dearborn Avon Park Florida 1998

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