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  War Stories - The Story of "WAPO" the Italian Dog



"WAPO" the Italian dogThis story takes place in Italy. I do believe in 1953. Ialso believe it was in Laspezia. While on the beach in Italy a small puppy was found wandering around the DYESS. each time we went ashore and returned this little puppy was there. He was called "Wapo" by the crew. Little by little, Wapo came up the gangway and roamed the ship. Some how, and I am not confessing, he found his way down into the Aft. Engine Room where I also worked. I just don't know how he climbed down that vertical ladder from the main deck into the Engine Room. He also decided to sleep on a blanket behind the electrical board.

We were getting ready to depart Laspezia.., and Capt. Dacey heard rumors that a puppy was living aboard ship. That is a no-no. The Captain, over the P.A. System served notice that "Wapo" must disembark Dyess. If not, there would be no Liberty until he does. Well this created bad feelings between the animal lovers and the Liberty lovers. Old Man Miller 3rd. class MM Aft Engine Room carried little Wapo up the ladder and stated the dog was going over the side. MM3 Sullivan (a rather Large fellow) told Old Man that if Wapo went over the side Old Man would join him. Seeing this situation rapidly turning into something. I took Wapo walked him down the gang way and had him Honorably Discharged from the U.S. Navy. (and THAT, is what happened to Wapo.)

Submitted by Joe Peters....USS DYESS 1952 1954.

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